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Meet the team

Meet the passionate individuals who bring "My Haunted Manor" to life. Join them on a thrilling journey into the unknown as we explore the unexplained at My Haunted Manor.

Daryl Marston_2x.webp

Daryl Marston

Daryl stumbled into the paranormal in 2005, witnessing an apparition at Fort Delaware. This chance encounter sparked a passion, driving him to explore haunted locales and eventually co-founding Breaking Paranormal in 2011.


Launching the American Ghost Hunting Show in 2015, Daryl's podcast gained global acclaim, propelling him to co-lead Ghost Hunters on A&E, ViceTV, Hulu, and more. His recent book, "The Horrors of the House of Wills," marks another milestone in his journey, available at major retailers.


From accidental beginnings to international recognition, Daryl's paranormal pursuits have evolved into a captivating career.

Trey Bader_2x.webp

Trey Bader

Trey, a seasoned paranormal investigator, inherited a fascination for the afterlife from his mom and older siblings. His journey began with Diamond State Ghost Investigators, where he met Daryl Marston at Fort Delaware.


Trey explored haunted sites like Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and Gettysburg. Beyond the supernatural, he's a passionate Philadelphia sports fan.


Joining My Haunted HQ for "My Haunted Manor," Trey aims to replicate the immersive experience of "My Haunted Hotel" and invites all to join the ongoing investigation at Samuel Miller Mansion for answers.

Jeff Bader_2x.webp

Jeff bader

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Jeff combines his technical prowess with a lifelong fascination for the supernatural, leading him to investigate the highly active Samuel Miller Mansion.


With a dedication to capturing undeniable evidence, Jeff is joined by his brother, Trey Bader, forming a dynamic duo on their quest for the unexplained.


Jeff is excited to collaborate with seasoned ghost hunter Daryl Marston and the "My Haunted Hotel" team in Chester, England, expanding their investigations across continents. Together, this team of experts aims to unravel the mysteries of haunted locations, showcasing their findings and bridging the gap between the paranormal and the tangible through the lens of the camera.

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